March 2017

WPN News, Happenings & Fun Facts

New President, New Rules ... New You!

Please Note: This is NOT a political piece.

There's no denying that our country is experiencing one of the most profound times of unrest with the changing of the guard.

While we may remember that 'change' causes things to be shaken up, going through it is rarely a walk in the park. Here are a few suggestions to support you in experiencing this change with (hopefully) less stress and anxiety:

  • Limit the amount of attention you place on the negative chatter occuring on social media
  • Choose to do your own independent research on the issues, rather than buying into hype or what others say is happening
  • Remember that LOVE is always the answer and find ways to experience and express more love. When you're tempted to react (rather than respond) ask yourself, "What would Love do?"

New WPN Chapters

Chicago, IL

Led by extraordinary
Barbara Beckley

Knoxville, TN

Led by talented
Lisa Petree

Women’s Prosperity Network is Expanding!

We are excited to announce that two new Chapters

Thank you Barbara and Lisa for stepping up to join the WPN Leadership Team and create the space for women to:

- Mastermind with extraordinary women committed to each others’ success
- Maximize opportunities in the spirit of co-opetition and collaboration
- Multiply results with the powerful connections, resources and relationships created within the WPN community


Monthly Mastermind: "Brilliance, Brainstorming & Breakthroughs"

Every month the women of WPN gather to experience the power of collaboration and "co-opetition" at our local Chapter events.

The experience offers a facilitated Mastermind and Brainstorming session on a particular topic each month along with networking and featured Member Spotlight.

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Special Events, Workshops, Webinars & Conferences

We offer a rich mix of live events: Seminars, Workshops & Conference to support your continuous opportunity to connect and grow!

Complimentary Preview Events:


March 2nd | 7PM (est)

The Top 3 Challenges Facing Most Business Owners
AND What To Do To Obliterate Them! ... FAST!

If you're ready to have a major BREAKTHROUGH in your business and take it to the BANK ... this class if for you!