Guest Dr. Trish Murray

Dr. Trish Murray sharing her story of navigating the many pivots she experienced and her story of resilience and adaptability. How do we handle changes in our lives? While we all know that life is constantly changing and evolving, as much as we try to prepare for those changes, there are times when a curve ball comes our way and we are presented with the opportunity to pivot.Dr. Trish Murray will share how she was able to PIVOT after an accident ended her career as an Elite Athlete and then again when she began medical school at the age of 35.

Patricia (Trish) Murray, D.O. is a highly accomplished physician who has been certified in four different medical specialties including internal medicine, osteopathic manipulative medicine, energy medicine and functional medicine. All of this has made her an expert at meeting the health needs of the 21st century.Following a decade long career in public education, Dr. Trish completed medical school in the top 10 percent of her graduating class at the age of 38 years old. She became set on her life path after a personal injury as an athlete at a young age that traditional medical therapies could not help; and, in experiencing the anguish of losing her mom to Alzheimer’s Disease long before she physically died, Trish realized she had to take responsibility for her own health. Her mission has been to seek and accumulate the knowledge necessary to heal; and, to prevent the path of her genetics.

At Discover Health Functional Medicine Center, Dr. Trish says goodbye to the pill for every ill mentality and the piecemeal approach of being bounced from one specialist to another; and instead, uses a holistic multi-systems approach to truly optimize your quality of life. The team at Discover Health creates a therapeutic partnership with patients  to identify the root cause of your systems dysfunctions AND provide you with tools to allow your body’s own innate wisdom to heal. Dr. Trish will show you how to take control of your health so that you can transform your life!

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