Replay Access - December 21, 2020 Session

2021 Planning Session
The Sustainable Success Formula: Hold Your Vision & Hone Your Strategy

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  • Friday, December 21st
  • 6pm to 7:30pm ET
  • 5pm to 6:30pm CT
  • 3pm to 4:30pm PT

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Here's what we'll cover together:

  • Your desired outcome for year-end 2021 (what impact you want to make and income you want to receive)
  • Your overall strategic plan to achieve your goals
  • Your month-by-month inspired action plan that guides your conversations and your activities

We showed hundreds of entrepreneurs how to do it in 2020 (yes, that wild and unpredictable year) and now we want to show you too!

To be successful, you've got to show up - even when you don't feel like it. Thanks to me showing up and the support, guidance and coaching I get from WPN, I was able to pivot my business in 2020 and now have even more net profit than I had before. The Lord has provided the path and I have followed. Thank you, WPN for giving me what I needed to move through and excel during these challenging times."

Patricia Rogers, Visibility Strategist Patricia Rogers, Visibility Strategist

In my 8th year of lifetime membership and throughout, WPN has demonstrated a consistent, never wavering commitment to quality programming, devotion to client growth and an all-around upbeat attitude from everyone with whom I’ve interacted. And that includes the members as well as the WPN team; I guess like attracts like! All this has had BIG impact for me; as I told Nancy recently: having stepped up into the Core program and having, once again, participated in the mind-opening course, ‘Receiving Your Riches’, my own business has soared this year. I am forever grateful and looking forward to more! " [December 2020]

Andrea Feinberg, MBA
Andrea Feinberg, MBA

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