Guest Barbara Beckley

Our earthquakes and storms in our lives can take us to some dark places and make us think we are bound or even in a prison in our mind, not able to move in our true purpose and have a voice. By this mindset, we can choose our trials in life to be stepping stones of defeat or stones of strength. Barbara shares how she came out of her prison and expresses how important it is to have a firm foundation which she calls the Diamond Factor.

Barbara Beckley is a Professional Keynote Speaker, 2 Time Best Selling Author, Purpose Strategist and Social Media Personality. She is the founder and CEO of the Diamond Factor LLC to empower people to understand their PPD (Purpose, Passion and Drive), especially women to help overcome their challenges so they can shine like a diamond in their business and personal life.
For the last 9 years with her communication and leadership skills, Barbara worked her way up to becoming a Program Quality Director, providing educational opportunities for over 5500 potential clients, in addition, she has over 30+ years’ experience working within the Commercial Insurance Industry as a Broker and Mentor.
Barbara offers services including, webinars training, one on one coaching and keynote presentation concerning personal development. Also, to help increase visibility she does interviews to assist promoting a person’s business and/or special causes, that includes image and content coaching.
You can find Barbara on Social Media where she loves connecting and sharing tips, strategies on all things concerning your purpose and growth.
Barbara Beckley‐ Founder and CEO Diamond Factor LLC 312‐508‐3277