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Monday, June 24th at 12 PM Eastern

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Do you wish building your business and getting clients was easier?

Would you love to not only LOVE what you do in serving others but also LOVE growing your business?

Join acclaimed sales expert, Trish Carr, to learn the repeatable formula that makes it easy for you to:

  • Easily attract and engage the RIGHT clients, opportunities and partnerships that accelerate your success
  • Leverage your time and talent with simple systems for sales and marketing
  • Get the PROVEN FORMULA that have people asking, “How can I get what you have!?”
  • Grow your mission and your message with a newfound peace, grace and ease

If you're someone who is going for more ... how much more you actually get is directly related to your ability to convey your message.

Learn the proven "Presentation Profitizer Formula" so that you clearly convey your message with the confidence and commitment that causes people to say, "Yes! I want to work with you!"

Abby Eisenkraft

“…there was no way I could have done a 1,000+ webinar yesterday, nor the 30 radio shows I’ve done since LEARNING THE PROFITIZER FORMULA, all to Rave Reviews.”

Abby Eisenkraft
Avilone Bailey

Since learning the Presentation Profitizer, I’m inspired & motivated. The guidance I received along with the supportive energy, I now have clarity and a roadmap – exactly what I needed!

Avilone Bailey

Who Is Trish Carr?

Trish Carr is a dynamic International Speaker, Author and Leadership expert with more than 25 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Human Performance Training.As a consultant, coach and educator, she has worked with leaders and front-line employees in Fortune 500 Companies, with Entrepreneurs, as well as with individuals, to develop, refine and enhance their public speaking, communication and leadership skills. Her workshops and coaching programs have helped hundreds of people influence others and achieve breakthrough results with powerful, positive presentations and captivating communication.

Trish is co-founder of Women’s Prosperity Network, a global enterprise dedicated to inspiring, educating and motivating both men and women, empowering them with the tools, skills, and motivation to love the life they live and to create a life they love.