As I come closer and closer to my one-year celebration of “The ABnormal Life”, moments of reflection, evaluation, and various forms of emotion have passed through.

The business aspect of my mind starts racing with thoughts of, did I write enough blog posts this year? How did my audience like my writing? Is it good enough to continue into a second year or should I steer my time and energy towards something else?

Whew. It’s amazing how powerful the mind is and how many thoughts can flow in and out of it. With all the thoughts and questions I’ve asked myself, there’s one above all that stands out:

Why did you start “The ABnormal Life?”
When I begin to ponder on that question, the other thoughts leave my mind and a slight grin graces my face because as I begin to think about the answer to that question, it brings me back to what matters. I started “The ABnormal Life” because it reminds me of my “why.” I started “The ABnormal Life” because I felt a yearning to remind the world to get back to being ABNORMAL.

​The definition of Abnormal on this platform is: Not normal, average, typical, or usual; deviating from what’s considered normal. Differing in any way from the usual state, structure, condition or rule.

Synonyms: Uncommon, rare, divergent, unexpected, surprising, unconventional, eccentric.

In a world where society strives to give us daily dosages of what “their” normal is… what it looks like… what color it is…what shape it should be or fix itself to be… how it should talk… and what it should wear; The ABnormal Life stands strong to wash off those thoughts and be that reminder that you are fearfully and wonderfully made just the way you are.

As simple as that sounds, it takes daily work and affirmation to not get clouded by the thoughts of this world, but we can do it together.

ABnormal is a good word.
This is a space where being your authentic self is celebrated and welcomed. I lead by example and walk in my abnormalcy proudly. That’s my “why.”

While figuring out this blog life, there’s something huge I didn’t know or expect to come with this journey; the gift of therapy.

Little did I know, this new form of expressing my thoughts, experiences, and feelings (that’s a big one for me) with you would fulfill me in a way that I didn’t realize. It was truly an “ah-ha” moment when I had that epiphany. SO! With all that being said, I am continuing “The ABnormal Life.”  This IS a movement. I am a believer of positive affirmations. As I embark into this second year,

I affirm: 
The ABnormal Life will continue to stand strong to celebrate your individuality and the uniqueness that each of you possess. The ABnormal Life will be known internationally! Traffic and email opt-ins will increase 100%! The ABnormal Life is working with phenomenal like-minded brands spreading positivity all over the world…and looking fabulous while doing it! IT IS SO!

Abigail Hunter is a high-spirited, inspiring, authentic, certified professional speaker, and bestselling author from Tallahassee, FL. She earned her bachelor’s degree of science in psychology with a minor in English from Alabama State University. Her background in psychology helps her serve her clients by having the ability to figure out the best way they learn and comprehend. She’s a successful entrepreneur guiding her clients through social media marketing and management that provide clarity and understanding of social media apps. She guides her clients in creating visually appealing online presence! Abigail also using her social media presence as a natural hair influencer and content creator through her YouTube channel, other social media platforms and her new blog, that celebrates the uniqueness within each of us.

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