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This is a powerful group of women and a powerful process for networking and improving your game, no matter what your game is.

Kathryn A. Hathaway
Kathryn A. Hathaway Founder, Be The Phoenix & Florida Attorney

The Monthly Group Mentoring and Mastermind calls are like having my own Board of Directors to meet with each month that keeps my business moving forward. This is a fabulous group of women who are the quest to achieving their goals and reaching out a hand to support others to do likewise.

Yvonne A. Jones
Yvonne A. Jones Online Marketing Strategist

The resources that WPN provides keep us informed, up-to-date and consistently growing both personally and professionally. I am so grateful for the WPN community and the high caliber of women who come together in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration to support each other.

Shannon Gronich
Shannon Gronich Business Acceleration Summit & Mastermind

The Lifetime Membership was an answered prayer - especially with the coaching sessions included! Thank you WPN for being a BIG part of my transformation. WPN has reconditioned my mindset to dream even bigger than I could imagine. What a great year this has been!

Jennifer Bryan
Jennifer Bryan Amazing Skin Care MedSpa

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