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The ScaleUPCheckUP Assessment is brought to you by long-time Women's Prosperity Network Member, Lauren A. Cohen, Esq.

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Founder & CEO

Accomplished entrepreneur Lauren A. Cohen, is an attorney licensed in both the U.S. and Canada. Lauren is an expert concierge immigration and business legal advisor boasting a stellar track record of success. She has first-hand knowledge of the visa process, having herself immigrated from Canada in 2001, and later becoming an American citizen in 2012.

After spending several years working as corporate counsel in various industries while delving into the field of immigration law, Lauren decided to combine her legal knowledge and business acumen and established e-Council Inc., a concierge turnkey advisory service company focused on project coordination for all types of business visas. The overriding goal in all of Lauren’s business endeavors is to help her clients achieve their version of the American Dream. Lauren also recently established Find My Silver Lining, a non-profit whose goal is to inspire others to persevere through challenging times and focus on the bright side as they strive to lead fulfilling lives.

Continuing in the tradition of sound strategic solutions, ScaleUPCheckUP is Lauren’s newest initiative. Already making inroads while still in its infancy, ScaleUPCheckUP is poised to revolutionize the professional services industry and the way in which collaborative professional services are delivered. Designed in response to the challenges faced by so many entrepreneurs that simply do not understand the critical importance of proper professional guidance, and/or are afraid that the costs of protection are too high, ScaleUPCheckUP is an online risk health checkup for businesses in ScaleUP mode. ScaleUPCheckUP’s overriding mission is to anticipate challenges before they happen by offering collaborative professional strategic guidance solutions.

Lauren has received numerous awards and recognitions including a 2018 award through the Florida Association of Women Lawyers as a “Leader in the Law”. She is an inspired speaker, bringing passion and insight to the multitude of topics on which she speaks, ranging from complex professional service matters to finding balance as a single mompreneur and related self-growth topics. Lauren also speaks on topics related to her dedication to the Jewish community, the community at large, and a variety of philanthropic and proactive causes.

A regular writer and contributor to magazines, books and other media globally for several years, Finding Your Silver Lining in the Business Immigration Processis Lauren’s first book, which hit #1 bestseller status during its first month. Lauren’s second book, which is focused on the franchise industry, is entitled “A Burning Desire to Succeed: Striking the Perfect Franchise Match” and is available as an e-book version.

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