Guest Charmaine Wilson

The thing about white privilege is that white people don’t see it.  “White privilege” doesn’t mean your life hasn’t been hard, it simply means that your skin color isn’t one of the things making it harder.
This series is meant to share experiences of real people who have experienced racism and still experience it. The goal is to shine a light so that we ALL see it and take actionable steps to do something about it.

I am Dr. Charmaine Wilson, PMP, originally from the island of Jamaica.

I migrated to the Unites States over 30 years ago. During my time in the United States, I have earned a Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees.

I am also Project Management Certified (PMP).

I have worked in Corporate America for most of my life and used my degrees to help others by teaching as an adjunct Professor at the local universities. However, the call to teach became more profound and I transitioned into the role of full-time College Professor January of 2017.

I am also a strong supporter of Health and Wellness.  A few years ago, I was introduced to a shopping club that had organic nontoxic products and I was amazed by how well they worked.

The teacher in me could not resist it, so in addition to teaching courses, I also share the products and their benefits to others, this is what I do to help others in my business.

I am married, I have three kids and we currently reside in Virginia.