Guest Lori Gatsi-Barnett

The thing about white privilege is that white people don’t see it.  “White privilege” doesn’t mean your life hasn’t been hard, it simply means that your skin color isn’t one of the things making it harder.
This series is meant to share experiences of real people who have experienced racism and still experience it. The goal is to shine a light so that we ALL see it and take actionable steps to do something about it. 


I am a business owner; L’esense Group Ltd, social entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Founder of JoinHer Network. I have had amazing opportunities as an experienced director with demonstrated history of working in corporate and the voluntary sector.
 I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and lived and studied at Penn State University in Pennsylvania,  was part of the World Vision Youth Ambassador Program, met the great Nelson Mandela, Secretary-General of the UN and recipient of the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize, Koffi Annan, among many great leaders and await the next step to push the boundaries that imprison women, challenge bias and prejudice and be the change.
Having lived and worked across different cultures and countries, the richness of variety within diversity demands change from us collectively to become the examples of a community transformed and strengthened by us sharing a vision of a brighter tomorrow. 

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