Guest Christina Stuart

The fear, anxiety and uncertainty we have experienced over the last 4 months has been overwhelming for many of us. The emotional roller coaster of happiness followed unexpectedly by anxious tears. Sometimes, the heaviness of those feelings is like running through mud. We barely move, we get dirty or we get stuck. It’s exhausting! What if there was a way to move through that mud with ease and grace?

Connecting directly to our Soul allows us to remain calm and centered through the chaos. Learning this specific process and bringing it into daily practice can quickly change our mood and mindset. It ensures we are living our Soul’s purpose in alignment with how we naturally express ourselves and serve others in the most beneficial ways. It takes the guesswork out of our life and business decisions. Join us on WOW Wednesday as Christina shows us how to turn that restrictive, emotional mud pit into a healing and rejuvenating mud bath.

Christina is an international speaker, an award-winning photojournalist of over 20 years, a giggler extraordinaire and a Soul-Seer. Her laugh is contagious as is her eternally optimistic attitude. Even as a survivor of childhood molestation, rape and domestic violence, Christina finds the gifts in all of life’s experiences.  She brings light and love to everyone she meets.

Christina connects with people on a Soul level to help shine a light on their personal path to happiness, healing and self-love.  She dives deep into the darkness of her client’s experiences and brings them out laughing and shining brightly.  By befriending the monsters under the bed, the boogie man in the closet and the ghosts of our past that are keeping us from true self-love, wealth and joy, Christina teaches her clients how to live their Soul’s purpose.