Nancy Matthews (Founder of Women's Prosperity Network) and Shannon Burnett-Gronich (PR Expert)


"How to Position Yourself for Super Sonic Success"

Do you ever feel like you’re spinning in circles, working day in and day out, wishing and hoping for your break? If you’re feeling overwhelmed in today’s sea of information overload, just imagine how the clients you’re trying to reach feel!  Join Nancy and Shannon on this tele-class where they will share how you can turn the tables, turn up your volume and increase your credibility and launch into super sonic success!

The simple solution to what you're looking for is right here!

  • Deliver your products and services to people who value and respect you AND who gladly pay you for your expertise
  • Quickly establish your credibility and authority in your chosen field so that you don't have to jump through hoops trying to prove yourself for people to make the decision to do business with you
  • You want to be known as The Expert
  • You want to be recognized as The Expert
  • You know your stuff, you've earned the right ... you can help them!

Why then is it so hard to get your message through?

Enjoy this powerful teaching and an exclusive opportunity to get your message heard, be recognized as The Expert you truly are and get paid well for it!

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