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  • Tuesday,
    January 27th

    Mastermind Workshop & Luncheon

Pier 29 Waterfront Restaurant
1148 Ballena Blvd.
Alameda, CA 94501
(Tel: 510-865-5088)

Brilliance, Brainstorming & Breakthroughs!

Our Signature Mastermind Formula Creates the Space for You to Make Lasting & Meaningful Connections That Move Your Business and Your Life Forward!

Sandra Hanesworth
*New* WPN Chapter Leader

Sandra HanesworthYou're Invited!

I am thrilled to share that I have taken on the role of Chapter Leader for Women's Prosperity Network (WPN) and am bringing this phenomenal community to Northern California!

We've all been part of some truly extraordinary networking and mastermind groups and when I connected with WPN I was delighted to find a community where women are inspiring, encouraging and supporting each other in a unique, heart-felt and results driven fashion.  I know you'll just love experiencing the WPN difference and this wonderful opportunity for us to come together and share our brilliance with each other!

Jodi Darren“The WPN Community, ideology, the leaders and their vision have profound value to anyone wanting to enrich their lives and their business.  I am so grateful to be part of the WPN community.  And, I LOVE the Monthly Group Coaching Calls!  Always so much value and so good to connect with my WPN sisters.” Jodi Darren, VisionToday.TV

yvonne jones"This is a fabulous group of women who are on the quest to achieving their goals and reaching out a hand to support others to do likewise." ~ Yvonne A. Jones, Online Marketing

Top three reasons to get involved with Women's Prosperity Network:

  • Mastermind with *Extra*Ordinary women committed to each others' success
  • Maximize your opportunities with the coop-etition philosophy. We don't worry about competition and instead focus on collaboration ... by working together we can all win the game!
  • Multiply your results with the powerful connections and relationships created within the WPN community

Brilliance, Brainstorming & Breakthroughs!

Our Signature Mastermind Formula for Rapid Results & Great Connections

  • Tuesday, January 27th
  • 11am Registration & Networking
  • 11:30 to 1:30 Luncheon & Mastermind

 This One's Just for the Ladies
Gentlemen:  Please pass this info on to Women you care about

  • Note: If you're looking for the traditional business card drop and swap, this isn't the place. This is the place for you to create strong, lasting connections and relationships.


Pier 29 Waterfront Restaurant

1148 Ballena Blvd.

Alameda , CA 94501

(510) 865-5088

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four-agreementsMastermind Discussion Topic:

It's Your Life!
Creating Agreements That Empower & Inspire You

A Mastermind Discussion Based Upon The Four Agreements (by Don Miguel Ruiz)

All of our relationships, all of our encounters and interactions with others are based upon our underlying "Agreements" and belief systems. This month we'll take a look at The Four Agreements that, when applied to our daily life can set us free from misunderstanding and suffering and transform our lives to experience total joy, happiness and prosperity!

The most powerful tool that we have is the power of our own minds to choose how we respond and react. Using The Four Agreements as the foundation for our lives allows us to be powerful in every moment.

kathryn hathaway oval"This is a powerful group of women and a powerful process for networking and improving your game, no matter what your game is!" ~ Kathryn Hathaway, Attorney

Meet Your Northern California Leadership

Sandra Hanesworth

 Sandra HanesworthAs a networking, connection and matchmaking expert, Sandra Hanesworth has pioneered a unique method of building, nurturing and maintaining lifelong relationships.  She is the founder of the A List Connection, a community devoted to helping single men and women reignite their vision for health, business, travel and love in all areas of life.  Across her wide professional and entrepreneurial background, Sandra has built relationships in a variety of different industries such as the culinary industry, wedding planning, home design, small business and many more.  In addition, Sandra is a dedicated member of many communities, receiving recognition as the Volunteer of the Year from the Fremont Police Department.  Through creativity, compassion and vision, Sandra can help you discover your passion for life and connect you with the resources to make your dreams a reality.

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