Guest Bill Heinrich

The most important aspect in anyone’s business is creating tightly niched messaging that speaks directly to your perfect customer, with a powerful call to action. The greatest challenge business owners face is connecting with potential clients using wording that their client/customer can identify with.  We all have a tendency to speak our own language that supports our expertise.

The 3 Keys to Nail Your Niche will show you how to connect deeply with meaningful clients that have a true appreciation for your expertise.

Bill Heinrich is a “High Level” business coach with over 50 years business experience.

In spite of his many achievements – Bill wasn’t successful because he wasn’t happy.  In fact, Bill was miserable. Material goods and worldly success as measured by other people’s standards just wasn’t cutting it. In December of 1995 Bill walked away from his life to find out why he was so miserable. What Bill learned was that to be truly happy, you need to discover the gifts with which the Universe has endowed us and to position yourself to use them to their fullest.

Bill works with clients from all around the world and his specialty is showing his clients how to identify, access and express their true life purpose. Bill’s specialty is empowering his clients so they can make a significant difference in the world within their area of expertise. With a primary focus on only working with clients who have products and services that will enhance their client/customers business and personal life.

Bill is the co-creator of “The Six Minute Webinar an Executive Training Director @ Speakers Pathway Coalition and is the author of two books, “The Seven Levels of Truth” (Amazon)  and “Clarity has no Story” (available free @

Bill is currently doing a book speaking tour in the U.S. living in a RV, touring the country and doing pop-up seminars called “Living Your Life Purpose”.