Guest Juanita B. Johnson

The Sankofa Griot

This week we are honored to be joined by Juanita B. Johnson, The Sankofa Griot, in a discussion of her new book, The Audacity Code: Coloring in Black Outside the Lines. In this inspiring and eye-opening conversation we will explore:

  • What it takes to become and remain audacious throughout your journey.
  • The importance of discovering uncelebrated role models whose audacious lives inspire you to do the work only you have been appointed to completed.
  • A call to action to bring the fullness of African-American history into the light.

Juanita B. Johnson is the Sankofa griot of our time. Her attraction to the concept of positive audacity began in childhood as she listened to fascinating dinner-table stories which featured the achievements of African-American luminaries, change agents, and historical personalities. Those stories continue to serve as her North Star of fearlessness. 

Juanita is an honor graduate of Dillard University and holds an MBA from The Ohio State University. Currently she facilitates the Sankofa Chronicles, a web-based edutainment platform which instills pride and self-confidence in children through its focus on character-building African American history and culture.

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