Guest Jodi Hinkle

Jodi shares how she realized that our culture taught me that my emotions were not to be trusted.  I was told they were too big. I have denied them. Blocked them. Despised them. Today, I make a different choice. I consider them my barometer, a guide to CREATING the life I want. The most important aspect of your business is you – your unique method, skill set, gifts, talents and experience that brought you to do what you now do and how you serve others. Businesses that last and thrive are skilled at creating EXPERIENCES for their clients that bring about the client’s desired results.Jodi Hinkle’s smile reflects her joy when guiding women how to reach beyond what they already know and discover how to revel in the pleasure of daily life. 

​Jodi’s years as a Business Strategist in Corporate America also led to her current focus of assessing, developing and designing collaborative business solutions among women-owned businesses. Her business alliance model weaves customer engagement with unique blends of products and services and leverages a strategic outreach plan where each business owner achieves new heights. Personally, Jodi prioritizes her desire to seek endless personal growth by stretching outside the comfort zone that comes with all that is “familiar”, and spending time with others who are also in love with life. 

As the Founder of HerQuest.Net, she guides women through transitions by reacquainting them with the guidance of their personal emotions.  By embracing the value of the unique personal journey that led to their “now”, each woman can identify the precise next steps for them to move through emotional barriers and move forward with their lives.

​The core of HerQuest’s overall mission is to guide women how to free themselves from perceived limitation and embrace the awareness of how to foster the life they want. Learn More