Guest Gail Dixon

The Importance of Heart Centered Communication

Shouts of anger, cries of pain, gasps of fear, threats of violence….we live in a noisy world. In the midst of that noise, it can be hard to hear messages of love and peace. Gail Dixon shares her conviction that the voice we most need to hear is the voice of Divine Truth that was whispered to us before we were born…the Heart’s Voice. When we are able to hear that voice within our own hearts and speak it into the world, we are able to live lives of peace and purpose. In sharing her own journey, she guides us on the path to our own Heart’s Voice.

Gail Dixon is a Speaker, Best Selling Author, Coach and Consultant who specializes in guiding people to hear and express their Heart’s Voice – that inner whisper of truth that gives their life meaning and purpose. Her unique gift of listening between the lines positions Gail as the top expert and trusted authority for mission-focused messaging. She serves speakers, authors, thought leaders, corporations, non-profits and mission driven entrepreneurs in creating messages that make an impact. As leader of The Heart’s Voice Movement, Gail is committed to creating a world where the Heart’s Voice is universal language that will heal the world.

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