When it comes to crisis planning sometimes it is the smallest thing that can cause the biggest problem.  It’s that little thing that no one thinks about.  That overlooked item that exacerbates a crisis situation.

I would like to share a story, that was shared with me.  In this case the KEY was indeed the key.

The uncle lived by himself in a comfortable suburban home.  For years he used his garage access to enter his home.  He accessed the garage with his automatic garage door opener, knowing with full confidence that once the garage door was closed that the house was secured.  As no one else needed access to the home he no longer carried a house key.  He didn’t think that anyone else needed a key either.  Big mistake…

There came a time when the uncle suffered a heart attack.  He allowed EMS into the home.  They took him to the hospital in the ambulance, closing the front door behind them.  The door locked automatically, when it was closed.  Sadly, the uncle did not survived his heart attack.

Imagine the distraught family members who arrived at his now empty home and no one had the key.  The car, with the garage door opener was securely locked in the garage.  Now What?

They called the locksmith.  He could not help them as they were not owners of record.  If they broke into the home, would a neighbor call the police?  They would also have to have it repaired quickly to secure the home again.  Totally frustrated, they had to wait for the reading of the will before they could legally enter the home, some 2 weeks later.

Thank goodness there were no pets left behind, as that would have been a very long two weeks for them.

The frustration caused by the lack of a KEY could have been avoided completely if only a key had been provided to one other member of the family in advance.

Planning for life’s disasters is a lot of little pieces coming together to not only protect yourself, but those you love.

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