Guest Sue TK

Shares her story about moving and being in FL for 10 yrs getting help, knowing when to ask for help, since so much of her life was all to support others. Help doesn’t mean you are weak.

Today being stuck at home, not being able to socialize in a regular manor, so many are feeling the overwhelm of being everything to everyone.

Sue TK shares how to tap into the power of HELP through a series of questions that remind all of us how important it is to seek out the help of others when we feel alone. The John Donne quote “No man is an island,” impacts all of us as we try to be strong in the face of making changes in our lives.

After teaching English and Library Media for 34 years in Minnesota, Sue and her husband Tom retired to a small town on the Gulf Coast in Florida. Since then, she has been featured in a book project about courageous women, become a certified advisor with the How to Fascinate® system, and launched a coaching and consulting business. Her business, Your Fascination Factor, is where she leads clients to discover their unique advantages so that they can lead the life they desire filled with confidence and courage—whether in business or life in general. 

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