Since 1999, I’ve partnered with hundreds of business owners and there’s been a constant theme: a desire for more free time – time with family and friends; time to pursue more money. Free time is the great reward that often represents freedom.

Sure, having money earned from a well-run and successful enterprise is certainly a joy; it provides for so much that’s good in life. Yet many business owners find that they can’t get to the true money-making endeavors without access to more free time – it’s the key to having more money, to enjoying business and loving life. Even so, it’s a confounding blessing; we love having more but there’s just no more to be had. It’s non-renewable and no ‘do-overs’ are allowed. Where does more free time come from? Can’t buy it on Amazon, there are no auctions for it on Ebay and no department store sells it. No – enjoying more free time through your business comes from:

  • having systems
  • having your priorities guide your decisions and tasks
  • knowing that speeding up to get more done won’t get you to your vision of success

As James Taylor sings, ‘the secret to life is enjoying the passage of time’ with the experiences, joys and success that surround you.

As years pass, more free time is what many seek when they sell their business; as baby boomers keep aging, it’s estimated that more than 8 million businesses will be put up for sale. And yet, if those owners, maybe you, are still intrinsically a part of their company’s value proposition – if they’re the key element that makes the business work, if a day away would cripple operations and opportunities – then they’re literally diminishing the value of their enterprise.

Think about it: when you sell the business, if you and your head full of relationships, processes, deals, decision-making and reputation are the primary assets of the enterprise, just what do you think you’re selling? How will you walk away from your business if you have to stick around to transfer all its value and fundamental knowledge to a new owner? How will the potential buyer be able to envision their own success if they have to rely on you to make it happen?

And so, you see, there are two critical reasons for every business owner to find more free time – probably more if we add in your very personal reasons for wanting it.

  1. Without more free time to pursue the big picture needs of your business, your family, your life, how will you ever do the work that no one else is capable of doing? Who will build the vision, relationships, alliances, reputation and strategies if you don’t have time to get them done?
  2. Without more free time that comes from letting go of much of your daily business responsibilities, how will you truly maximize the value of your business and enjoy its great reward? Who will want to buy a business that resides in your head and not in the intrinsic processes and successes of the business itself?

The point here is that you CAN build a business that’s consistent with and honors your priorities, values and goals. Want help with this? You’ll find 9 new breakthrough ideas to assist on my home page, here. And while you’re reading, enjoy this lovely James Taylor song.




Andrea Feinberg
Business Catalyst

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