Guest Sandra Nunes

Statistics show that 80% of people have already set their goals and resolutions aside (and that was before 2020 threw us all for a loop!) Would you love to be among the ones who not only stick to their goals, but they actually achieve them?

Join us for this week’s Wow Wednesday where “Change Master” Sandra Nunes will share the surefire way to create the changes you want so that by the end of 2021 you are celebrating your accomplishments rather than wishing things had changed. While the future may be uncertain, what is certain is that you hold the power to create life as you’d love it to be and Sandra will show you how!

Sandra Nunes’ passion is helping others. When others are happy, she is happy. She is a trustworthy individual and is resourceful in finding answers when needed.

Sandra began her career in the Army. She proudly served her country while gaining valuable knowledge that would eventually help her pursue a career as a police officer in the civilian world. Upon completion of her military duty, Sandra took all the required exams, but timing was not on her side. So, she focused her efforts in the area of customer service where she knew she could make a difference for others.

Today she’s parlayed all her experience into becoming an entrepreneur. She is the founder of two companies, Concierge Lifestyle and Growing with Sandra. Both of these companies are dedicated to bringing a better quality of life to her clients. Concierge Lifestyle supports them in handling items on busy professionals’ “To-Do” lists and Growing with Sandra supports women who feel stuck or trapped by their circumstances to shift their view so that they can now see ways to grow that bring them more happiness, joy and fulfillment.

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