Guest Kathy Pendelton

Many of us live in a world of caregiving for our loved ones during illness or disability.  Often this includes choosing or overseeing care planned and delivered by experts—doctors, nurses, therapists, and their assistants.  Over the years it has become clear to Kathy Pendleton that we must be active participants, even negotiators and supervisors, regarding the care devised by the experts.  And our role is still an act of love—sometimes fierce, often gentle and nurturing.  We provide care and protection to our family members, because we love them.

Kathy is a best-selling author, award-winning international speaker and compassionate patient advocate.

She is especially dedicated to teaching adults with health concerns to confidently participate in their medical decision-making and form effective partnerships with their medical teams.  Her twenty plus years of experience in caring for family members, asking endless questions, and learning how the medical system works from a patient perspective have strengthened her resolve we, as family members, can make a huge, positive difference in the care and recovery of ourselves and our loved ones.

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