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What brings us to our knees in pain also is what makes us stronger. Sometimes, though, it’s not easy to talk about what’s happened to us. And yet, we know, in our story, there is a pull to share, to help someone else not make or cope with the same mistake.

Along your journey many events occur… some of them are joyous occasions, a few are milestones, and others you’d like to forget. But it is in the latter where true personal growth happens. Your mettle is tested, your nerves strained.

Peggy Lee Hanson believes that we are given this life on earth first as students and then as teachers.  Today, she will share her story of when, after working for a major airline for nearly 21 years, how she began the transition going from corporate employee to successful entrepreneur, author, and publisher –and how you can do, be and have it all, too.

It begins with the telling of your story.

Peggy Lee Hanson,International Bestselling Author, Publisher, and Speaker, specializes in writing and book publishing. As a coach and mentor Peggy Lee can take the gazillion thoughts in your head and get them organized on paper or inside a digital document. She does this through the publishing arm of her business, Courageous Women Publications™, a division of Personal Transition Guidance, LLC.

From her vast life and business experience, she can also assist you to thrive through a life-changing event, share your wisdom, or create a workshop specific to your audience. Peggy Lee has written, published, been quoted in books, and appeared on the front cover of other people’s books – the count has surpassed 40.

Peggy Lee is also the creator of the International Bestselling multi-authored series, Courage Under Siege, which has produced nearly 50 first and second-time authors.  At this writing she is working on volume seven. She maintains certifications as a life coach, business-book ghostwriter, and instructional designer.

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