Guest Regena Rosa-Celeste (Ozeryansky)

Life isn’t always easy but it doesn’t have to be painful either! From her own personal experience of self discovery, moving far away from home and going on what she calls, her life vision quest, after living on an Ashram, she found her way back home. Little did she know, her life was about to turn upside down when those closest to her, both parents had life threatening medical conditions and told 6 months to live.  Regena shares candidly, about her own version of an Eat, Pray, Love experience, she shares openly and confidently how she overcame depression not just 1x but twice. Thru her experience of heartache and heartbreak, she shares how she overcame some of life’s greatest messes and has come out thriving! 

Prior to establishing her coaching business, Regena Rosa-Celeste Ozeryansky, known as “The Inner Peace Revolutionist, was, and still is, a real estate investor, active Realtor, a Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, EF Trainer, and Soul Language practitioner. Awarded Rookie Realtor of the year, her 1st year in the business, she takes pride in her work and in supporting others to achieve their goals and dreams with more peace and ease. Changing the way the world experiences inner peace, she works with individuals and families to help them create transformation through wealth (specifically with real estate education and asset allocation), health with yoga and mindfulness, and thru meditation and soul journey work, she teaches spiritual awareness, and how to align with one’s mission and purpose. 

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