Thank You for Stepping Up as a Volunteer

2018 UnConference - Roles & Responsibilities

Thank you for your assistance, heart and spirit in supporting the legendary UnConference!  Your support means the world to us and contributes to the overall success of the experience for every single person.

Please contact with any questions or updates.

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    Join Facebook Group for Volunteers

    Here we will post updated information and notifications

Facebook Group
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    PRINT - Volunteer Role Descriptions

    Overview of volunteer categories and role descriptions.

Volunteer Role Descriptions
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    PRINT - Alphabetical Role Assignments

    This has your name and the times, dates and roles you will be covering

Alphabetical Roles & Assignments
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    PRINT - Chronological Role Assignments

    This is a summary of the timeline with Volunteer assignments. Note, you will be given more detailed instructions on the role prior to and during the event.

Chronological Listing of Roles & Assignments