Consider…how important is it that your introduction makes sense, creates connection and ignites interest? It’s said that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression and here are 3 simple steps to a powerful introduction:

  1. Start with who you serve:
    • For me that sounds like: I show purpose-driven small business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals…
    For you that may be – stressed out executives or busy moms or high-
    performing professionals, etc.
    • Start your sentence with I show, I work with, I teach, I provide, etc.
    • Do not say you HELP. You don’t know them yet and they don’t want your help! We have a mental aversion to the word help so set yourself up for success and don’t use that word. Wait till you know each other well enough before you help.
  2. Follow that with the way you make the difference for them:
    • …how to get past the pitfalls often associated with selling and sales…
    For you that might be: how to lose those stubborn pounds that just won’t come off; or how to once and for all land that dream job.
  3. Finish with the benefit of that, starting with the words “so that”:
    • …so that they get comfortable, get confident and get good at it so the
    product, service or project makes the difference you want it to make in the world and in your bank account.
    For you that can be: so that they can walk into their closet and wear
    anything rather than anything that fits; or so that they finally have the professional life that not only feeds their bank account but feeds their spirit.

The #1 way to take your message and your business to the next level is to get good at influential communication. And it can be easy. I like easy. Start by taking the Highway to Sales Success at and learn more about how you can be expert at sales, messaging and making a difference.