Guest Donna Blevins

Donna Blevins, PhD joins us today to share the proven game-based techniques she has used as an international poker player to support you in winning at the game of life. During this week’s Wow Wednesday Donna will share how you can:

  • Perform at the highest level under pressure
  • Learn Emotional Agility so that you can control your emotions instead of letting them control you
  • Replace negative self-talk with confidence that attracts success

Dr. Donna is a MindShift Coach, motivational speaker, and international professional poker player, who used her MindShift Exercise™ to accelerate her miraculous recovery from a life-threatening stroke.

She brings a down-to-earth humorous approach directly to you, and today she stands out as the Poker Mindset Coach, who helps people activate their superpower-your badass confident self-so you can play life’s game as if you’ve already won.

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