Guest Aileen Castellanos

When you have been told most of your life that you aren’t good enough to accomplish your big dreams, you have two choices, you can agree and give up, or you can formulate a powerful self-talk to push you to great success. 

Aileen Castellano creates and teaches transformative practices for people who desire to change their life. She is a Wealthness Coach, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Ascension Mentor, Speaker, and Self Development Author, with over 17 years of experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Mediator.
She teaches globally the practice of Meditation with Intention incorporating crystal healing modalities. Her vast knowledge of therapeutic practices, karmic healing, past life regressions and energy healing techniques, sets her apart in the coaching field.
She is the author of international bestselling book, “Heal Your Past & Live Today – 33 Affirmations to Heal Your Soul.” She is also the Co-Host of the Achieve and Thrive Podcast.

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