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This Week's Guest:

April 13, 2016 at 9 am (edt)

Michelle Alva, PT

Physical Therapist, Certified Professional Speaker, Yoga Therapist, Sound Healer


About Michelle Alva

Michelle Alva's mission is to transform the world by educating and empowering individuals with the easy, effective and fun ways to self-heal and optimize their health by tapping into modern science combined with ancient wisdom with the intention to facilitate "Major Healing with Minor Effort."

Michelle's passion is bridging physical therapy with mindfulness, yoga therapy, belly dance, and shamanic based energy healing practices.  She integrates her over 20 years experience as a Pediatric and Women's Health Physical Therapist, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Yoga Therapist, Infant Massage Instructor, Belly Dance Teacher, Sound Healer and Energy Medicine Practitioner to create an effective and easy way to re-set our nervous system to calm and balanced, while also healing our heart and connecting to our authentic self and soul.

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This Week's Topic:

Live on Purpose with Passion and Pleasure

What does it feel like when your soul and body are aligned and you're connected to who you truly are? Join us for this week's Wow Wednesday with our guest, Michelle Alva, who will take us on a journey that will strengthen your intuition, release repressed emotions and have you feeling energized and lighter.  During this week's call Michelle will show us how to:

  • Align your heart and soul
  • Heal from the inside out
  • Tap into and ignite your feminine power
  • Naturally energize and feel more alive

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Trish Garron Trish Garron

I came on very late, and almost did not... BUT so glad I did. I will listen to the replay... questions from your guests and your responses were so helpful for the info I needed today. My message to anyone today would be to still get on the call, even if you are late... you never know what you will learn... so thank you"

Adale Jamnik Alexandre Adale Jamnik Alexandre

"I love to listen to the WOW Wednesday talks. I get a lot of useful information, and it is something I look forward to every week. Since joining Womens Prosperity Network, I have met the most fascinating people. When I am looking for a product or service, I look to my WPN contacts. As you say, we do business with outstanding opportunities."