Guest Sally DiCesare

Have you ever struggled with decision-making?

Today there are more choices, options and opportunities than ever before and so many of them sound so good too! We’ve become accustomed to checking Yelp and Google reviews to assist us in making choices and you’ve no doubt made some not so good choices based on those reviews. (I know I have!)

Join us this week as Sally DiCesare, RDH, BS known as “The Bliss Alchemist” discusses how we’ve actually been programmed into uncertainty and hesitation in making decisions and she’ll also give us valuable advice and tools for:

  • Balancing our desire for belonging and connection with knowing and following your own truth
  • Ways to connect with your soul’s truth (even if you’ve spent years focusing on others first and foremost)
  • How to use the alchemy of community to live your personal best

Sally DiCesare, RDH, BS is a sought-after speaker and corporate trainer who shares tools, techniques and strategies to help today’s stressed-out and overwhelmed professionals get relief so that they can not only enjoy their careers … they can enjoy their lives that they’ve worked so hard for!

Through trial and error, Sally DiCesare managed to attain a long career in dental hygiene, despite the challenges it posed and the physical and mental stressors that came with working in the field of dentistry.

Sally’s passion for the industry and care for herself, her co-workers and colleagues, set her on a path to find healing, balance and peace for herself, which quickly led to others asking, “Can you show me how to relieve my pains and tension?”

Today, Sally is on a mission to bring the tools, techniques and real-time solutions to stressed-out professionals across all industries so that their careers continue to serve their passion as well as their long-term goals and potential.

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