Guest Sally DiCesare

Connect with your BLISS so you can Boldly Live in a Safe Space. Her profession came close to breaking her body and her spirit. That is when she began searching for a way to be physically and mentally healthy while working in a very stressful profession.

Sally DiCesare has been working in dentistry as a dental hygienist since 1978. Sally learned to overcome the physical and emotional stressors everyone faces, not just those in the dental profession. Through intense study, investigation, and certifications in a variety of healing modalities, she blended them into the Alchemy of Healing so others can learn to live their BLISS now, not later.

Over the last 25 years, she has been helping other cope and thrive where they felt there was not hope; when they felt they had no voice. She has been a speaker and international presenter, coach and mentor to professionals in all lines of work.

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