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Article Submission Deadline: December 20, 2016
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A Collaborative Book Project Highlighting YOUR Journey to the Stage and Your Standing As An Expert & Trusted Authority

Women's Prosperity Network
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and YOU!

Projected Book Launch Date:

Kindle Best Seller Campaign - 1/24/17

Official Launch with Hard Copies - 1/30/17

**dates subject to change

Volume 5

Insights & Inspiration for Authors


Publishing Agreement
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Insights & Inspiration for Authors

The intention of the book is two-fold:

  • For the Reader – Inspire them to examine and overcome their own thoughts, fears and challenges about public speaking and realize their power and their potential.
  • For the Author – Provide you with:
    • A platform to create or expand your credibility as a trusted authority
    • Exposure for your business and your brand through promotion and the marketing campaign of the book
    • Increased revenue leveraging the book to attract speaking opportunities, clients and new product lines.

Note:  The goal is for you to share the story of your Journey to the Stage that reveals your passion and your expertise.  The following questions are offered as prompts (if you need them) and are not necessarily guidelines to follow.  If, however, you don’t feel that you’re a ‘writer’, answering these questions will be a great way to put your story together!

Do you have a story or memory related to the beginnings of your journey?

  • First time you were called upon to speak
  • Childhood Angst
  • Theater and/or Acting experience

What inspired you to want to take the stage and speak?

  • Passion about your business services and solutions
  • Desire to share your vision or mission
  • Commitment to creating change
  • Need to reach more people and grow your business

Was the experience of stepping up to the stage:

  • A burning desire you knew you had to do and were excited about moving through the process, or
  • Like being forced to walk through hot fiery coals!

Now that you're a Speaker,

  • How has it impacted YOU! i.e. More confidence, clarity and/or conviction to share your message, products and services with others
  • How has it impacted OTHERS! i.e. The people you've been able to serve

This is a great place to share a story about getting a client/customer from a speaking engagement and the results you were able to obtain for them

Was being a Speaker something you always wanted to do?

  • If so, who are some of your role models?
  • If so, what other opportunities have opened up for you because you are a Speaker?
  • If not, what surprises you most about now being a Speaker?
  • If not, is it something you now enjoy and want to continue doing for a long time?

What advice would you give to someone considering their own Journey to the Stage?

Do you have any funny or inspirational stories that occurred during a speaking engagement?

  • Perhaps a mishap that you made the best of the situation
  • (Check out this hilarious John Maxwell video (one of my role models) CLICK HERE

Submission Guidelines

**Note Regarding Your Photo:

It is imperative that you send us a high quality photo for inclusion in the book.  Please following the below guidelines:

Headsot - Not Full Body

At least 300 dpi, 1000 px or more - jpg or png (either of those will work).

If you are unsure whether your photo meets these specifications, contact your photographer or Candi Parker at 850.556.5665.

Submit Your Photo to Candi Parker - Email:

**Note Regarding Your Article / Story:

You do not need to layout your article the way you want it to look in the printed book. Our graphic artist will lay out the entire book for consistency. Please use the following guidelines:

  1. Write your topic with 1,000 to 1,500 words using single spacing.
  2. Use Microsoft Word as your document application.
  3. Margins should be 1 inch left, right, top, bottom (just as the margins in this document).
  4. Type in Cambria, 12-point font (just as this font in this document).
  5. Do not use page breaks.
  6. For new paragraphs.  Do not space between paragraphs. Indent new paragraphs 2.5".
  7. For subheads, create a space around the subheads by using single return before and after the subhead.




  1. Author's Biography: Write up to 150 words describing your accomplishments, recognitions and your expertise. Write it in the third person and add it at the end of your story in the same document.
  2. Proof your work. Use Spell Check, and then check it again.
  3. Submit your article via email (as a Word doc attachment) to:


Once you submit your article, our Editor, Judee Light, will proof-read.  If your article requires editing, after editing, you will receive your article for review prior to publication. You will have the opportunity to make changes only once.

If you have any questions about the overall process, please contact Candi Parker at 850-556-5665.

**Please submit your Article on or before December 20, 2016 so we can stay on track for targeted launch date of January 30th.

Insights & Inspiration for Authors


Publishing Agreement
Please Print and Sign

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