Guest: Dawn Meyer

Do you sometimes feel there is just too much stuff around you yet the room around you is clear?

Maybe you even have the sense of being hemmed in or trapped.

Often life can become cluttered with all of the things you are have to do and should do and haven’t done. Then add to that all of the people with whom you interact and must care for and must satisfy and must and must and should and need to and  …..

WOW, it’s no wonder you feel like you’re caught in the clutter!

What you really need is some Energetic Spring Cleaning!

Join us on WOW Wednesday as Energy Healer, Speaker and Best-Selling Author, Dawn C. Meyer employs her energy to help people break free of what they believe is impossible so they can move forward into that life they’d love to live.

ABOUT DAWN C. MEYER is the founder and president of Purple Dawn Inc, She uses her unique combination of innovative techniques to get people out of their pain, trauma, drama, and stories and into creating a life of expanded possibilities! Dawn assists them to bring more ease and joy to their lives by helping them discover that they have more choices and possibilities for changing what isn’t working in their lives than they ever thought they had.

As a NASA Rocket Scientist, Dawn used to put people into space – now she helps people to blastoff into their brightest future of having more joy, prosperity and fun. The miracle of launching a space shuttle was removing the obstacles holding it down and the same is true of life, you must let go of what you believe is impossible so you can launch into that life you’d love to live.

Dawn is a Life Possibilities Expert, an empowering coach, inspirational speaker, energy healer, best-selling author, Access Consciousness Facilitator and Practitioner, Reiki Master, and former Space Shuttle Engineer (“Rocket Scientist”).

Dawn’s mission is to assist people to relaunch their lives into their brightest future of having more joy, prosperity. and fun through personal coaching, VIP days, live events, online and more.

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