My best friend, Jon, just LOVES baseball AND knows everything about it. When I went to Milwaukee to visit him this week, he was so excited to take me to his favorite place for lunch … The Field of Dreams at Miller Park and while the food at Friday’s was pretty much what you’d expect, the lessons I gleaned at The Field of Dreams were absolutely delicious!

With our table perfectly situated I was able to watch as a team of more than 25 people prepared the field for the Brewers game taking place 48 hours later. It got me thinking about how much focus is placed on “game day” but not so much on all the preparation behind the scenes that prepares the field for success.


It is steady and consistent preparation that sets you up for success on game day. Here are a few lessons I picked up and invite you to consider as you prepare YOUR Field of Dreams.

  1. Having A Solid Pre-Game Team: Who’s on your team behind the scenes helping you prepare for Game Day? Is it your family? Employees? Co-Workers? Partners? Remember their importance leading up to Game Day and have them share in the success. Even though they are behind the scenes, your Game Day win is a direct result of the efforts of the entire team.
  2. You’ve Got to Remove the Weeds: Jon explained that even one weed or rock can totally mess up a play and I thought, “Oh, how true in every aspect of our lives.” Where are you allowing weeds to grow? Weeds of doubt, worry, blame — or negativity of any kind can really mess up your field of dreams. Regularly prunning and removing those weeds is essential for big wins on Game Day.

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