Sometimes people might look at my life and think everything’s perfect, and everything’s always been that way, and we all know that nothing is ever perfect, and that certainly the life of an entrepreneur is a rollercoaster, and sometimes I forget. Here’s a story of one of my biggest “pre-success” down times.

So I share this story with you, particularly right now in this time of the holiday season and reflecting on the past year, maybe some things worked out really great, maybe some things didn’t work out so well, maybe had a big dream at the beginning of the year, and now you’re wondering, is it even worth dreaming again?

And I’m here to tell you, It’s worth dreaming again. It’s worth holding onto the vision, reconnecting to the vision, the passion, the desire that’s inside of you. And don’t give up on the vision. Just shift the strategy. You will recover. You can recover. Surround yourself with people who’ve gone before you, who’ve made the mistakes and wanna support you in not making those mistakes.

And you’re gonna make some mistakes, because we all do, and it’s part of the learning process and real success happens when you can get comfortable with making mistakes (and learning from them.)

When you see people out there that appear to be so successful and have it all together, there’s bits and pieces that they have together, and then there’s probably some they don’t have together. We’re all in this journey to experience life, to learn to grow and add value to others, and your unique contribution is a part of the fabric that makes up the totality of this, this world, and this life.

So get out there, reconnect to your heart, to your desires, to what matters uniquely to you, and then seek out people to support you in bringing it to life in a new way.

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