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The Illumination Community is comprised of passionate, determined people going for more in their lives. They are committed to success and significance and operate from a spirit of co-opeition and collaboration.

Our common goals are to increase the reach and prosperity of our Mastermind Partners and the lives of every person they touch while creating a positive impact in the world.

How It Works

Destination Mastermind Retreats

The Illumination Marketing Platform

Mentorship from Master Coaches, Business Experts & Thought Leaders

One-on-One Coaching for Your Clear Path to Prosperity

Organized Planning:
Consistent Planning, Review & Measurement of Strategies and Results

Specialized Knowledge:
Hands-On Training to Keep You Sharp & Current in Today's Marketplace

In the past you may have had a coach or a mastermind group and/or attended seminars and workshops which we have found can cause you to run in several different directions because there is no cohesive plan that brings all of the ingredients together in a sequenced fashion towards your goals.  The Illumination Program and Marketing Platform brings it all together under one umbrella so that you are on the fast track to achieving your goals.

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