Finish this sentence, “You can have everything you want in life…”

Chances are you were able to finish the sentence – a quote from the legendary Zig Ziglar, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want” and I bet you’ve even experienced it too – at least some of the time.
I had the honor of meeting Zig Ziglar before his passing shortly after I wrote my first book, Visionaries with Guts.  His advice to me was to keep helping people and write at least 10 more books!  I’ve written 7 other books so far (3 more to go for that goal), and am continuously looking for ways to help others.
Here are 5 Ways to Help Others and Yourself! that I know will support you in having everything you want in life!
  1. Trust the Process – It Works If You Work It!  I know this can be challenging, especially during challenging times when you’ve got bills to pay, overdue notices looming over your head and stress has been mounting.  When you’re feeling pressured the first question you may ask yourself is, “How can I make more money?”  I invite you to begin by asking yourself a different question, “How can I help more people?”
  2. Review the products and services you have in your wheelhouse and be mindful of the benefits and solutions they provide to others.  When you set your mind in motion focusing first on helping others, the next steps of marketing and sales will more easily follow.
  3. Create huge value and an irresistible offer that makes it easy for others to say YES to having you help them.
  4. Be prepared to receive abundantly!  Is it easy for people to give you money?  If you’re selling online, accept credit and debit cards and provide your customers with a secure checkout.  If you’re selling in person, have a device (Square Reader of Paypal) to connect with your phone, laptop or tablet, so you can accept money on the spot.  Of course – cash is always good too!  Make sure you have the ability to make change for your clients.
  5. Stay connected to the heart of the matter – which is, helping others through the products and services you offer. This circles back to the first point in trusting the process and I bring you back here now because I know that often times when your mind goes to the business and money side of the process, some of the heart connection to how you’re actually helping others can dissipate.  Take a moment and think about how your customer will feel after purchasing your products and services.  Think about how you’ll feel knowing that you helped others and in doing so, you got what you wanted too!
So … YES!  You can have everything you want in life and WPN is committed to providing you with resources, connections and opportunities to grow and prosper.  

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