Self Care is something we hear about often, yet it’s something that isn’t always easy to do.  Self-Care is all about you being the best you can be, every day, as you go through your busy, active life.

What does self-care mean to you?

Whether you’re good at consistently doing it or want to get better at it, we all do some self care right? Think about the ways you DO take care of yourself. Take a minute now and jot down 5 things you do for you to take care of you.  And please, share your self-care tips in the comments below.

Sometimes during our day, wouldn’t it be nice to take a mini-retreat  to keep us feeling good and moving ahead?  Think about how great it would be if we could be intentional and add a quick “Take Care of Me” time during the day.

What can you do in your day to rejuvenate and refresh without having to get in the bath tub or getting a massage? Here are some tips from Registered Nurses, Barbra Hormann and Diane DiMuria:

  1. Meditation – just try it, no need to be perfect. It all starts with focusing on your breath. Guided meditation may make it easier.
  2. Get Organized – this reduces tension, stress and overwhelm. Set aside 15 minutes to organize one area and watch how much better you’ll feel.
  3. Listen to Music – this will soothe your body and soul.
  4. Use Positive Affirmations – replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
  5. Make Time for YOU – Use essential oils and get a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is one of the most important ways to take care of our bodies and our spirits. It gives your body the time it needs to rejuvenate and your spirit the space to dream and soar.

If you’d like to have a great night’s sleep be sure to get the free eBook from Barbra and Diane at (or Text Sleep to 72727).

Please share your self-care tips below too – we’d love to learn more ways to rise and shine!