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Note: You will receive the materials for each week's lesson on the FRIDAY before the Wednesday class. Plan for 15 to 30 minutes of preparation time to make the most of each session.

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Here's What's Coming:

Module 1

Wednesday, March 18th

  • 1

    Module I - Set Yourself FREE to LOVE Sales - Identifying & Overcoming Objections (Theirs & Your Own!)

    During this first module we begin by breaking through whatever may be holding you back from loving sales. We know you love to serve ... and it's time to open the space for more receiving. We'll show you how to release what doesn't serve you, get clear on who you serve and what you offer (reviewing pricing and offers) and show you how to have enough time to be with the people who will be delighted to pay you for your expertise.

Before Class on March 18th if possible

  • If you haven't already done so, please complete the brief intake questionnaire

BRING TO CLASS on March 18th (we'll be practicing with this)

  • What to say?????? This week is about building your conversation muscles and making those follow up calls you've been wanting to. We make it easy for you with this guide to have you fully prepared to pick up the phone. (Note: If we missed a scenario, just let us know and we'll get it added.)

Below are the worksheets and action items to work on AFTER the class:

ASSIGNMENTS AFTER CLASS on March 18th (we will review)

  • Next, it's time to track your connection calls and the money flowing in. Set a goal for the number of calls (and/or in person conversations) you will have and then track your results.

ASSIGNMENTS AFTER CLASS on March 18th (we will review)

  • Complete the Self-Assessment (identifying which skills you want to improve throughout this course)

ASSIGNMENTS AFTER CLASS on March 18th (we will review)

  • Being clear on your ideal client, who they are, how they think and the words THEY USE to describe their lives (and the problems you solve or needs you fill) is essential to develop stellar listening skills).

ASSIGNMENTS AFTER CLASS on March 18th (we will review)

  • BE PREPARED TO RECEIVE Complete the Products, Programs & Pricing worksheet so that when someone ways, "How can we get started?" The answer is at the ready on the tip of your tongue!

For our over-achieving friends ..... (this is not necessary to do now, but we thought you might want it)

  • THE ENTIRE SALES SCRIPT! -- This in-depth guide takes you through the step by step Anatomy of the Sales Process with the preparation activities, language and flow to moves you through every phase of an engaging conversation that leads to serving (and you getting paid!) Repeat ... "I work with wonderful people in wonderful ways for wonderful pay!" Yes ... it's worth repeating (over and over and over!)

Module 2

Perfecting the Art of Listening & Asking the RIGHT Questions

Wednesday, March 25th

  • 2

    Module 2 - Perfecting the Art of Listening & Asking the RIGHT Questions

    We've all heard that the way to make more sales is to LISTEN, but it's not just plain listening that will cause people to ask how they can work with you, it's the ART of listening for the cues and clues that reveal what's really going on in their lives that you can make a difference in. You'll get clear and confident in knowing what your prospects true desires are, what they're saying and what they're afraid to tell you so that you can confidently position yourself as their solution and they happily pay you what you're worth.

Module 3
Sales Scripts - Being Prepared for Every Conversation

Wednesday, April 1st

  • 3

    Module 3 - Sales Scripts ... Being Fully Prepared for Every Type of Conversation

    This session drills down into the different types of conversations you'll be having with people so that whether you're talking with a cold prospect, a warm one or a hot lead, you'll have the rhythm and flow that inspires them to want to work with you. We'll also cover conversations for strategic alliances, referrals and referral partners as well as how to get speaking engagements to share your expertise with groups.

Module 4
Practice - Proposals - Packaging - Pricing

Wednesday, April 8th

  • 4

    Module 4 - Practice - Proposals - Packaging - Pricing

    This week the focus is on PRACTICE - PRACTICE - PRACTICE! We'll be reviewing the ebb and flow of the scripts you've been delivered and take it to the next level with practice in putting together proposals, packages and pricing.

Module 5
Sales Systems for Sustained Success & Scaling

Wednesday, April 15th

  • 5

    Module 5 - Sales Systems for Sustained Success & Scaling

    Right now you may be the only one making sales contacts and calls and we know you'd LOVE to have someone else filling your schedule with qualified leads. This session will show you how to set up a system to add people to your team for follow up, appointment setting and thereafter have them closing the sales so that the majority of your time is spent creating impact and results for the people you serve.

Here Are the Bonuses & Resources Included with the Course

Access the Quick Start to Prosperity Resources Now:

  • 5-Minute Meditation Boost Your Energy & Attitude for Sales & Follow Up Calls.
Meditation "Energize for Your Sales & Follow Up Calls"(5 Minutes)
  • Sales Artistry Video Training This 7-Minute Video Gives You the Recipe for Making More Sales WITHOUT Being Salesy
  • 12 Step Follow Up (eBook) Your Guide to Easy and Joyful Follow Up -- Step by Step!
12 Step Follow Up System(eBook pdf)
  • Conversation Marketing Audio Training It Really IS Just a Conversation ... Learn to Master Your Conversations for Great Results
Conversation Marketing Audio Training(45 Minutes)

Access the 5 Super Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1

    Sales & Marketing *LIVE* 2-Day Interactive Training This live event will enhance your current sales and marketing skills and give you the opportunity to practice and actually SELL in real time with the other participants.

    June 19th & 20th | Fort Lauderdale, FL CLICK HERE to Register
  • Bonus #2

    The Business of Speaking 2-Day Workshop The only behind the scenes training that focuses presentation and sales skills PLUS the keys to using speaking as a business to leverage your time, talent and opportunities. You will learn the secrets of influence and persuasion in an authentic, non-salesy way so you see how making money and making a difference work together beautifully!

    April 3rd & 4th (Fort Lauderdale, FL), July 24th & 25th (Long Island, NY) CLICK HERE to Register
  • Bonus #3

    Ditch the Pitch! Mastering Your Sales Track (Audio Training) In this training, master of communication, Trish Carr, will show you how to throw out your textbook Sales Pitch and practice sales messaging that’s in perfect alignment with your values and your customers.

Ditch the Pitch Audio Training(1 Hour)
  • Bonus #4

    The Secrets to Selling Without Being Salesy (Audio Training) One of the common challenges we hear is, “I know I need to sell more, but I don’t want to be salesy or appear pushy.” If that’s you … then you are going to gain huge benefit from this training where we we share the secrets to getting people to ask to buy from you — rather than you having to sell them.

The Secrets of Selling Without Being Salesy(1 Hour)
  • Bonus #5

    It's Just a Conversation: What to Say and How to Say It in Business (pdf Book) When you speak, especially in business, speak as if your life depends on it. Because it does. What you say and how you say it can make the difference between you getting what you want -- or not. Your communication is the grease that keeps your business engine going. It’s the one skill that makes the greatest difference between success and failure. Whether it’s getting a client, forging a partnership, coaching an employee, enrolling team members in your vision or asking for a raise, it all starts with a conversation.

It's Just a Conversation Book (pdf)What to Say and How to Say It In Business

A Quick Reminder of All the Things We'll Being Doing in the Course to BOOST Your Sales & Have You LOVING IT!

  • 5 Weeks of Sales Training & Practice

    During the course we’ll be working together to refine your messaging and your listening so that your ideal clients are eager to pay you for your expertise. You’ll practice with each other and get real time feedback to ensure your language is benefit focused (which is why people buy … they want RESULTS and don’t care much about how you get them there.)

  • Sales Scripts, Templates & Playsheets

    You get access to a robust training library that includes playsheets for identifying your ideal clients, gaining clarity on your messaging and sales scripts for the various stages of the buying cycle. You will be fully prepared, confident and eager to pick up that phone!

  • Shift Your Sales Mindset

    Let’s face it … you know what to do but why you don’t do it as much or as often as you know you should boils down to what’s going on under the surface … those limited beliefs, fears, worries and doubts. You’ll get ongoing support and resources to shift what’s under the surface and running the show.

Here's the step-by-step system and course outline:

Materials and resources for each module will be sent to you the FRIDAY before the Wednesday class.

  • 5 In-Depth Online Classes (75 Minutes Each) - Guiding you through the step by step, predictable system for increased cash flow and ... loving it every step of the way!
  • Module 1 (March 18th) - Set Yourself FREE to LOVE Sales - Identifying & Overcoming Objections (Theirs & Your Own!)
  • Module 2 (March 25th) - Perfecting the Art of Listening & Asking the RIGHT Questions
  • Module 3 (April 1st) - Sales Scripts ... Being Fully Prepared for Every Type of Conversation
  • Module 4 (April 8th) - Practice - Proposals - Pricing - Packaging
  • Module 5 (April 15th) - Sales Systems for Sustained Success & Scaling
  • Ongoing Accountability & Support- We're with you throughout the course to answer your questions and celebrate your successes in our private Facebook group
  • Check-Ins We'll be with you consistently in the Facebook group to support you in getting your mojo going and answering questions.
  • Celebrations! Friday Fun Day Happy Hour at 5 pm (Eastern) - Grab your favorite beverage and join us in the group as we celebrate our wins (and sales) from the week.
  • Templates, Tools & Trainings- Each lesson comes with resources that you can use over and over again. We don't just give you a fish ... we teach you to fish so you can always eat! Including, but not limited to:
  • Overcoming Objections Handbook
  • Sales Scripts for All Types of Conversations
  • Identifying Your Niche Market and the Language THEY Use
  • Creating Your "Boom Factor Flow"
  • And so much more!

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