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  • Thursday, January 21st
  • 12pm to 5pm Eastern
  • 11am to 4pm Central
  • 9am to 2pm Pacific

Part 1
Welcome and Introduction

Part 2
(After Breakout)

  • 0:00 to 15:00
    Group shares of desired outcomes
  • 15:00 to 25:25
    Dotty Scott Laser Coaching
    Focus: Creating Courses to Teach Website Essential
  • 25:25 to 37:00
    Regena Rosa-Celeste Laser Coaching
    Focus: Doing challenges to build list and monetize
  • 37:00 to 49:45
    Content Training: Create a Six Figure Roadmap for Your Business (Also see PDF of Slides)
  • 49:45 to 59:00
    Q&A After Content Training
    Also discussion of various webinar platforms
  • 59:00 to 1:09:13 (end)
    Dr. Ynge Ljung Laser Coaching
    Focus: Expanding vision and business model beyond Allergy Kit, feedback for marketing allergy kit

Part 3
(After Mastermind)

  • 0:00 to 05:46
    Recap / Debrief after mastermind. Shared "Ah-Ha's" Kathy Pendleton, Janice McIntosh, Cheri Martin, Regena Rosa-Celeste

Part 4
(After Break)

  • 0:00 to 11:55
    Andrea Feinberg - Laser Coaching
    Focus: Tapping into next level financial abundance and mindset. Creating a goal that actually inspires you.

Part 5
Laser Coaching Breakout (Nancy's Group)

  • 0:00 to 12:55
    Charla Anderson Laser Coaching
    Focus: Creating packages and having confidence in your authority, defining your USP (unique selling proposition)
  • 12:55 to 22:30
    Emily Shull Laser Coaching
    Focus: Partnerships, Referrals & Joint Ventures
  • 22:34 to 29:46
    Leslie Warren Laser Coaching
    Focus: Social media strategies, pricing and programs too

Part 5
Laser Coaching Breakout (Trish's Group)

  • 0:00 to 10:40
    Christina Stuart Laser Coaching
    Focus: Ideas to expand her reach, what kind of group format could I bring to attract more clients
  • 10:40 to 22:30
    Corina Lozano Laser Coaching
    Focus: How to improve social media presence to get more online sales
  • 22:30 to 31:00
    Sheri Kaplan Laser Coaching
    Focus: How to build audience and get to website, monetize virtual fairs

Part 5 Plus
After Laser Coaching Recap, Prep for Get 'er Done Time

  • 0:00 to 3:44
    Debrief after laser coaching, Share about Sheri Kaplan
  • 03:44 to 23:46
    Set up for Get 'er Done Time: Trish guiding on what to focus on
    (1) Linda Pistoulis - guidance on direction for book chapter
    (2) Raksha Joshi - Set up of structure for leads and follow up
    (3) Marie Conteh - pick 1 thing from your to do list
    (4) Catina York - Outline for Class
    (5) Joyce Nairo - Review vision and mission statement
  • 23:46 to End
    Members connecting during Get 'er Done Break

Part 6
After Get 'er Done Time

  • 0:00 to 9:00
    Get 'er Done Shares
    (1) Stacey Murphy - Sharing about focus on spiritual practice to bring abundance
    (2) Leslie Warren - Completed content for social media marketing
    (3) Charla Anderson - Wrote testimonial letter to self
    (4) Catina York - Completed outline for class and got clarity
  • 9:00 to 17:47
    Content Training: Content Creation Made Easy
  • 17:47 to 23:28
    Q&A Content Creation Made Easy
  • 23:28 to 31:00
    Monique Blake - Laser Coaching
    Focus: Clarity around building funnel to incorporate many skills and gifts
  • 31:00 to 34:00
    Lisa Perez - Laser Coaching
    Focus: Campaigns and Automation
  • 34:00 to 41:00
    Linda Pitsoulis - Laser Coaching
    Focus: Writing book chapter, sharing your story
  • 41:00 to 52:00
    Lara Jaye - Laser Coaching
    Focus: Review language for landing page and marketing

Part 7
After Final Mastermind

End of Day Reflections & Gratitudes

Part 8
Geek Speak Re Campaigns & Online Systems

Based upon your Questionnaire responses, we've compiled the following resources and worksheets to support you during Think Tank
(and beyond!)

Get Clear on Your Goals & Create Your 2020/2021 Inspired Action Plan


Get Clear on the People You Serve


Positioning Yourself as the Expert - 3 Steps to a Great Intro


Sharing Your Message (Marketing)


How Will You Serve?


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    Products, Pricing & Funnels

    Using a "Top Down" Approach - be prepared to receive by knowing the products, services and pricing through which you serve people

Some ZOOM Instructions / Tutorials

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Led & Facilitated by

Nancy Matthews & Trish Carr

"Our community is filled with brilliant, heart-centered, action-taking difference makers. This Mastermind is specifically designed to bring us all together so that we can all achieve extraordinary results and make a bigger positive impact in the world."

  • Clearly define your next action steps for massive results
  • Expand your reach and your impact through new strategic alliances and joint ventures
  • Discover new ideas and ways to grow in an inspired and relaxed way that fits your desired lifestyle

These 2 Global Leaders are coming together to support YOU in creating and LIVING a life you truly love.  The kind of life where you say, "PINCH ME! This is even better than I dreamed of!"